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The travel agency «Ajam tour» - is a company, which values every client’s view. We do no work for profit; our aim is to satisfy the expectations of those, who chose us. We are always happy to make new acquaintances. Our small but rather experienced team has identified key priorities of its work: reliability, integrity, and safety, and professionalism, efficiency, in making decisions, nice memories, and ability to listen to each client, quality service and long term co-operation. Without stopping at what has been achieved we move forward, every time improving ourselves we try to improve our services. Highly valuing your trust we always work towards improving our services. Relying on mutual beneficial cooperation we bring the world closer.

Services                                               Tours                                                                           

- Hotel reservations                              Tours in Dushanbe             

- Air tickets                                           Tours in Sogd                                                         

- Renting cottages                               Tours in Khatlon                                                 

- Innuance of invitations                      Tours in the Pamirs                                               

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Tel.: +992 (48) 700-69-07
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Director: Asadbek Shikorbekov