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In the Pamirs the traditional itineraries will include visits to Khorog, Ishkashi,, the Wakhan Corridor, Murghab and depending on your further travel plans, back via the Bartang Valley or towards Kyrgystan and Osh. 

The Pamir Highway is the primary route from the East to the West of the country and is widely used by Chinese truck drivers  delivering goods between Osh and Dushanbe.

Itinerary suggestion:  Khorog - Bogev - Jelondi - Burum-Kul  -  Yashil-Kul - Alichur  - Murghab.  Following the Pamir Highway from the west, one can visit Bogev with its fire temple and travel towards the magnificent lakes of the Murghab.  You will traverse the Koitezek Pass at 4,271m above sea level after Jelondi and from there descend into the vastness of the wide Murghab valleys.  The madian valley, close to Murghab is beautiful and worth a visit.  If you are camping; this is as beautiful a spot as any. 

Itinerary suggestion:  Khorog – Garm-Chasma - Ishkashim – Vrang – Khargush Pass.  Instead of taking the Pamir Highway, east, one can travel south to Ishkashim, via the hotsprings of Garm-Chasma, into the Wakhan Corridor, along the Panj river.  This route passes the ancient fortress of Kah-Kaha, built around the 4th century BC and the fortress of Yamchoon.  Not far from Yamchoon are the famous springs of Bibi Fatima, its waters believed to have healing qualities for reproductive problems.  In the village of Vrang, one can visit the oldest Buddhist stupa in the country.  Langar has several points of interest – the ruins of Ratm, another old fortress; petroglyphs from the Bronze Age; the Mazor-i  Shoh Kambar- i Oftob shrine.  There is a guest house here which also doubles as a museum.  The road continues north in the Murghab via the Khargush Pass (4,344m above sea level).

Itinerary suggestion:   Khorog – Khuf - Gizev – Basid – Davlokh. For great hiking opportunities in beautiful mountain valleys consider visiting the unexplored Bartang Valley.  From Khorog, travel northwards past the city of Khuf, following the road east into the Bartang Valley.  Here there are numerous trails leading from the valley floor into the higher elevations.  Gizev is well known for its scenic beauty and is a three hour trek uphill; but worth the effort.  Another option is to continue driving eastwards to Basid and from there hike up to Davlokh.  Along the way, remember to visit the petroglyphs of Visav.  The road into the Bartang continues eastwards but is often in very bad condition. Check with your tour operator or PECTA before venturing further.  Kara-Kul can be visited from here if the road is passable. 

Itinerary suggestion:  Sarez Lake. This is an exciting and unforgettable trip to one of the youngest large mountain lakes that was formed as a result of great earthquake. The water in the lake is turquoise blue. To get here special permission is needed (contact PECTA). Best time to visit June-August. Excellent place for boating, fishing and hiking.

Itinerary suggestion:  Zor-Kul (Lake Victoria in the past) one of the most beautiful lakes in Tajikistan. The water is sweet, there are many fish. Compared to other Pamir high altitude valleys, the Zorkul valley is very green;  a lot of small lakes and streams, connected to the lake  are shining on the sun and there is a diversity of rare animals – Marko Polo ship, Indian mountain goose, red wolf, snow leopard.  The first European traveller to Zorkul lake was an English explorer named Lieutenant Wood who in 1838 travelled to the source of the Oxus river and named it after the Great Britain Queen Victoria. Zorkul lake is situated in the Zorkul Nature Reserve territory.
Special permission. How to get there: From Dushanbe -through Vakhan corridor or Ghunt valley and from Osh (Kyrgyzstan). Best time to visit: June - August

Itinerary suggestion:  Tajik National Park, including the Fedchenko Glacier with mountaineering options
The Tajik National Park covers  almost 50 % of the Pamirs. Some of the main routes:
Vanj – Poimazor – Bears Glacier -  Fedchenko Glacier. Good opportunity to see one of the longest glaciers in the world (70 km).
Yazgulyam – Roshorv – Rushan – Khorog. Good trekking routes while passing the glacier.
Sarez lake – Irkht – Chapdar lake – Yashilkul lake – Batchor village. 8 days trekking to the mountain lakes.
Pasor village – Grum Grjimailo glacier
Gudara – Kok Jar – Tanimas Glacier

Itinerary suggestion:  Mountaineering/climbing options
Just on the highest peaks in Soviet Union Kommunizm (7495) there are more than 30 routes! There are many 5 and 6 thousand meter high mountains here to explore.

Rock climbing: All over the Pamirs there are several bolted routes in the Ghund valley.
Rock climbing sites can be found in in Ghund, Bartang, Rushan, Ishkashim, Roshkala and Murghab. Here rocky crags, big rock walls and bouldering sites offer endless opportunities for first ascents on virgin crags and walls, a possibility nearly impossible to find anywhere else in the world.