Pamir Horse Adventure is a local set of service providers aimed at the development of community based tourism in the rural areas of the Pamirs Mountains. The organisation mainly provides mountaineering and horse riding, as well as, trekking and horse riding tours between Ghund, Shakhdara, Bartang, Murghab and Vakhan valley, sometimes combined with jeep tours. The development of community based tourism contributes to the development of local economy; therefore all service providers are exclusively locals, who are also members of the organisation. Horses have always been part of the culture of the people in the high mountains of the Pamirs, however their number has decreased during the last century. Therefore, it is also one of our main goals to develop horse breeding in the region through promoting cultural events, traditional horseback sports and horseback tours. Pamir Horse Adventure is pleased to offer and eager to share this exciting experience to the visitors of one of the most spectacular places on the Earth. Most of our visitors have found horse riding one of the most exciting activities that they have ever participated in, and have truly enjoyed the adventure. All services and accommodation are provided by the locals. Guides, horsemen and other service providers are all local people, which ultimately provide valuable insight into the local culture and traditions. Horse riding is simply an ideal adventure tour, giving you the opportunity to cover more distance, more easily and more quickly. In case you want to cross the high passes of Bartang, Shahdara and Ghund valleys, you can start your trip with a couple of horse riding days for acclimatisation, and discuss your trip with our experienced trekking guides.


Bachor village, Shugnan,
GBAO, Tajikistan, 736100

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