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Why are you making a documentary?

Can you picture yourself in a situation where the only thing you worry about day in and day out is whether or not you will be able to provide for yourself and your family? Forget about that new car you’ve been saving for the past five years and all your followers on Twitter—every thought goes to ensuring the survival of your family. This is how the people of the Pamir region in Tajikistan live, and they lack the opportunities to turn things around for themselves. Ryan Bastian, our fearless leader, lived among the Tajik people for over a year and witnessed firsthand the struggle that is life in that part of the world. He also experienced how these people with next to nothing were willing to share everything they owned. He saw that not only did these people deserve much more than what they had, but that it would be more than possible to help change their circumstances if a new approach was taken: adventure tourism. Of course, you can’t have an adventure tourism market without the tourists. And while there are local organizations doing great work to promote the region, the Pamir is still a relative unknown. That’s why we are making this documentary. We want to showcase to the world this beautiful, pristine land that is ripe for exploration, as well as the sustainable efforts already being made by the people that live there. And we need your help to do it....

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